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  Welcome to the buy used cheap box trucks website. We have got it all from delivery vehicles to cutaway vans. Saving up to 70% on used low cost box trucks. Top models like: Isuzu NPR, International 4300, GMC W4500, Ford E350 U-Haul, Mitsubishi Fuso, Freightliner M2, Hino, Sterling, Nissan UD, Chevy 3500, Sprinter, and more!

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I always thought it would be so cool to take an Isuzu NPR and cut it down and use it just like a short bed pickup. I have seen this done with an International 4300 or IH 4400 low cost box truck and it was just amazing. I just don't know if I can get excited about the NPR plastic radiator. I hear the one from an old Caddy will fit just fine. I guess the Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan UD are the best cheap box trucks you can buy used, if you want a cab-over design. The Navastar International 4200 VT365 4300 IH 4400 30,000 gvw 4600 IHC 4700 series and Freightliner M2 26,000 gvw dominate the market for the larger models.
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